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How to Register

A simple registration form must be completed annually for all children. The TASC membership fee is £1 per family per month.  Please use the online form (below).  If you have more than one child you wish to register, you may wish to download and fill in a paper version or contact one of our members of staff, who will be happy to provide you with a printed form to complete.


TASC Registration Form
Your Child's Details
Parent/Carer information
– please note, children will only be allowed to leave with a named person:
Medical and Emergency Details
Additional Contacts:
Excluding parents/guardians (please add two, if different from those who can collect the child/children)
PLEASE NOTE: TASC have a cancellation policy – once booked, any cancellation of less than two weeks’ notice incurs the full charge’ unless the club closes. Any changes in attendance pattern should be made in writing to the Club and, again, changes notified with less than two weeks’ notice incur the full charge. This applies to both the After School Club and Holiday Club.
If you have a complicated shift routine or need help to work out your exact requirements, please ask.
Please complete the form below deleting as necessary selecting either yes or no as appropriate
I am/am not willing to allow pictures of my child/children to appear on the TASC display boards in school/ in brochures and on posters promoting the club/ in local papers* advertising TASC and the holiday club and on the TASC website
I understand that the Club activities include making short trips to the park or other activities (which may involve public transport) and I/I do not agree to my child taking part.
I consent to any emergency medical treatment necessary during the running of the Club and authorise the staff to sign any form of consent required by medical staff if a delay in getting my signature could endanger the child’s health and safety.
I understand there may be times when outside agencies observe the club for monitoring and training purposes.
I give/do not give the staff at TASC permission to apply my child’s own labelled suncream to my child accordingly to the instructions provided.
I give/do not give the staff at TASC permission to apply a Sun Care Lotion with a minimum SPF of 30 to my child accordingly to the instructions provided if for what ever reason they do not have their own cream with them. Please state below if you know of any sun lotion allergies you child might have
I give/do not give the staff at TASC permission for my child to have their Face Painted on.

The information held must be kept up to date, and so if any of the information which you now supply changes in the future, will you please notify TASC in writing or ask for another of these forms.

I agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this Club as outlined on this form which I have read.

I declare the information on this form to be correct to the best of my knowledge.