Parent’s Handbook


  • Aims and Objectives
  • Club Activities
  • Holiday Club Trips and Special Events
  • Arrival
  • Collection Arrangements
  • Sickness Policy
  • Medication
  • Acceptable Behaviour
  • The Club’s Administration Management
  • The Management Committee
  • Staffing
  • Club Policies and Procedures
  • Admissions Policy
  • Club Registration
  • Ad Hoc Attendance
  • Fees and Payment
  • TASC Session Fees

Aims and Objectives  
Welcome to Tideswell After-School Club (TASC) and Holiday Club This Handbook sets out TASC’s aims and objectives, its management, the services it provides and its day-to-day operations. Aims and Objectives TASC aims to provide high quality childcare in a safe and relaxed, fun and friendly environment. We are committed to working with parents and with our partners to ensure that your child’s time at the Club is a positive experience. TASC is OFSTED-inspected and the most recent inspection (Autumn 2015) recorded a “good” result in all areas. A detailed report is available and a copy is available for inspection at the Club.

Club Activities 
Children enjoy a range a structured, stimulating and fun activities at TASC. We aim to provide exciting leisure opportunities for our members. It is important to stress that TASC is not a “homework club”. Activities will include creative arts and design, modelling and craft work, outdoor games, indoor sports, reading and quiet areas. Most activities take place in the school hall and playground but other class rooms are also used. The club also runs supervised visits to the local park, adventure area and library. Video and computer activities are also available. Children are welcome to bring small toys or hand-held games along with them to TASC. However, please remember that they will need to be responsible for these possessions during school time as well as at the Club. We provide a drink and snack during the sessions, usually fruit and biscuits. Children are also encouraged to bring additional snacks – we find that they are often hungry straight after school.

Holiday Club Trips and Special Events 
The Holiday Club provides an exciting programme of activities which varies from holiday to holiday depending on the time of year. Children attending the Holiday Club for full days must bring a packed lunch from home. Lunch is the only meal required to be brought in as snacks and drinks are available throughout the day. Please ask the club Co-ordinator for a copy of the current programme of activities. Trips and special events are planned each week and include places such as Magna, Gullivers’ Kingdom, and Chatsworth Farm. Activities such as go-karting, ten-pin bowling and swimming trips are always popular as are cooking, face-painting, rounders, football and much more. “I liked going go-karting because I went with my friends and I liked the go-karts” “We do lots of cooking at the holiday club…… it’s fun!”

The Club Coordinator notifies each class teacher at Bishop Pursglove School that your child attends TASC and on which days. A TASC staff member collects the infant children from their classroom whilst the juniors will be given the responsibility of making their own way to the Hall. The staff ensure that the children are all present and mark them in a register. Parents of children attending other schools are responsible for ensuring their children arrive safely. However, help maybe available to organise transport from other schools outside Tideswell. At present the club provides a taxi service 2 days a week from Litton School. This arrangement is available to club members for a small charge. If you are interested in finding out more about this service, please consult the club staff for further information.

New children attending for the first time will be given a ‘Buddy’ to help them settle and learn about the areas, toys, routines, toilets and TASC rules. Collection Arrangements Children can only be collected from the club by an adult named on the registration form and this person will be asked to sign the register to confirm that they have collected their child. If the Club is away from the school hall, for example, playing outside on the field, at the park or in a different classroom, then a note will be displayed on the main entrance door to inform you of our whereabouts. We are usually back in the school by 5.00pm.

Collection Arrangements
The school has a security system, so when you come to collect your child/children please could you knock on the hall window to let the staff know you are there and they will come to the main entrance and let you in. Children must be collected by 6.00pm each day. If you are unexpectedly delayed, it is essential that you telephone the Club Coordinator as soon as possible and arrange for your child to be collected, informing the Coordinator if the adult collecting is other than a person previously named. Late collection, will result in the parents being charged an additional amount.

Sickness Policy 
The club is obviously not able to care for sick children. If a child appears unwell at the club then the club Coordinator will ring you to collect your child. The club has a registered first aider on site and any incidents are recorded and parents informed.

If your child has any ongoing medical needs or special requirements it is vital that you inform the club co-ordinator so that we can work with you to ensure that their needs are catered for and that they are not involved in any activities that might put them at risk. Routine medication can only be administered by the club Coordinator subject to the receipt of a signed parental permission form.

Acceptable Behaviour 
The club seeks to provide a tolerant, respectful and positive atmosphere in which all children can flourish. However, deliberately harmful or risky behaviour will not be accepted. Unacceptable behaviour will first be discussed with parents and a positive solution sought. However, in certain circumstances the management committee retains the right to exclude children from the club in the interests of overall safety.

The Club’s Administration Management 
TASC is a registered charity acting under the name of Tideswell After School Club. The charity is run by the Trustees who have taken over the role of the voluntary management committee. They consist mainly of parents whose children attend TASC. The trustees meet regularly to ensure the effective operation of the club. Any registered user of TASC is entitled to attend a management meeting as an observer.

TASC relies on fees for long term financial viability but receive some grant aid to support specific activities and the purchase of equipment. We have in recent years received grants from Derbyshire Community Foundation to fund activities during the Summer holidays.

An Annual General Meeting for all users of the Club is held to report on the year’s activities and management matters. Although the club is based at Bishop Pursglove School, it is run and managed independently. If you have any comments or concerns about the club, please feel free to raise them with the Club Coordinator or with a member of the Management Committee.

Management committee 

We are always looking for parents to join us on the Committee. If you are interested in helping out, please contact any of the committee members or the club Coordinator who can put you in touch.  The current committee are:

Chair Hannah Jenneson
Secretary & Schools liason Sarah Farrell
Treasurer Gill Turner
Fundraising Alison Gunn
Committee member  Richard Adams
Committee member  Jenny Hinxman

The daily management of TASC is the responsibility of the Club Coordinator who is assisted by a team of staff qualified in ‘Early Childhood studies’ and additional enthusiastic play workers. The staff work well as a team, sharing information with families on a daily basis and regularly reporting to, and meeting with, the Management Committee.

Carol Austin Holiday Club coordinator Qualified to CACHE Level III in Childcare and Education
Amber Slack After School Club coordinator Qualified to CACHE Level III in Childcare and Education
Lucy Walker Playworker Qualified to Level II in Childcare and Education
Paula  Playworker Qualified to Level II in Childcare and Education

Club Policies and Procedures
The club has a full range of policies and procedures in place which meet the OFSTED Early Years Foundation Stage criteria and other standards. These are available for inspection at the Club at any time.

Admissions Policy
The Club is open to children aged 3 to 11 years living in Tideswell and the surrounding area. At present we have the capacity for up to 24 children at any one session for the After School Club and up to 16 for the Holiday Club. The Club has an admission policy which can be seen on request but applications are normally considered on a first come, first served basis. A waiting list will be formed if required.

Club Registration
If you would like your child to attend TASC or the Holiday Club, you will need to become a member of the Club and register your child’s details. For legal and health and safety reasons children cannot attend the Club until their family is registered as a member.

You will be asked to indicate the days that you wish your child to attend and to provide the names of those adults who will be collecting your child. The registration form also asks for an emergency telephone number, notice of any special requirements your child may have and additional information. Forms should be returned to the Club Coordinator who will either confirm your child’s place or, if no places are currently available, your child’s name will be placed on a waiting list. The annual registration fee is currently £12 per family payable in September each year or, pro-rata, as families register during the year.

‘Ad Hoc’ Attendance
If your family is a registered user of TASC or the Holiday Club you are welcome to enquire about the availability of ad-hoc places at either Club. These are generally available according to demand. If you require an ad-hoc place, please contact the Club Coordinator on the TASC mobile number preferably with at least 24 hours’ notice.

Fees and Payment
Invoices are sent half-termly for TASC. Holiday Club invoices are sent out after each holiday period. All payments should be paid within two weeks of the date of the invoice. Payment by cash and cheque (made payable to TASC) should be paid to the club staff in an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name. TASC can also accept payment directly to the club bank account or through a recognised childcare voucher provider, please discuss this with the club staff. To enable the Club to operate efficiently and fairly once a place has been booked; the fee is chargeable unless two weeks’ notice is given in writing. Termination of a regular booking also requires two weeks’ notice. The Management Committee appreciates that individual circumstances can at times change dramatically. It therefore retains the right to amend these procedures in the light of individual circumstances.

TASC Session Fees Monday to Thursday 3.30pm to 6.00pm Friday 2.40pm to 6.00pm £7.75 for first child, £6.75 for additional children.  We can also offer just one hour care on a Friday from 2.40pm – 3.40pm (as Tideswell School has a shorter day) this costs – £3.00 for first child and £2.80 for additional children

Holiday Club Fees Full day: First child £23.50, subsequent children £21.50 Half day: First child £14.00, subsequent children £12.75 2hr slot: £5.50 per child.

And finally ……………………….
If you are interested in using TASC or the Holiday Club for your child and this handbook does not answer all of your questions, please do not hesitate to contact the After School Club Coordinator, on the TASC mobile number – 07792 075486 – who will be able to assist you with any further enquiries you may have.

We look forward to seeing you at the Club in the near future.